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Pool Installation and Maintenance in East-Central New Brunswick

Having a pool installed is a big investment, and you want to make sure it is done right; You need a company that knows what they are doing! White Water Pools & Construction, based in east-central New Brunswick, employs a team of knowledgeable technicians that are trained and certified to handle your in-ground and above-ground pool needs, including the following:

Installation Opening Closing Inspection Maintenance Repairs Equipment installation Leak detection Liner replacement

a.g pool.PNG
Beautiful pool

Ordering Pool

The basic pool kit consists of: Steel Panels or Composite Graphex Polymer Panels, coping, 30 ml liner, appropriately sized pump and filter, vacuum kit, maintenance kit, ladder, wedge anchors, 6’walk in step, plumbing kit and solar blanket.  By adding together the price of the basic pool kit, accessories, and the HST with the installation price, a total price is determined.  To initiate ordering and delivery, and to establish one’s place on the list of installation bookings, a payment of 10% is required.  

Responsibility of the Customer

It is your responsibility to provide a Building Permit.  You must also supply an electrical outlet for power tools and electrical hook-ups for pumps, lights, heater, and salt generator. The pool site must be accessible to an excavator & other construction vehicles. You are responsible for providing the water to fill your pool.  You are also responsible for the removal of unusable fill. (We are able to facilitate fill removal & water at cost.) 

Beautiful pool
Beautiful pool

What WE Offer vs Other Companies

We inform you of the possible hidden cost of water problems, rock, electricians, and freight.  We do not give the impression that an installed pool is a completed pool!  Landscaping, fences, and decks are a consideration on the bottom line.   All our plumbing is 100 PSI Tigerflex, and PVC fittings underground; you are buying a luxury and you want to enjoy it.  A pool, like a home, must have quality built in.  Check it out!


There is a twenty-five year manufacturing warranty covering wall panels and braces.  Vinyl liners are warranted for ten (10) years pro-rated.  Other equipment and parts carry their own specific warranties, usually one (1) year.  We guarantee that our work will be done in a good workman-like manner with good quality materials. We will remedy any defect in the workmanship of which we receive written notice within one year after connection of the filter.

Beautiful pool
Beautiful pool


Our installation is complete for the kit and all accessories purchased at the same time. We insulate all steel pools with one inch code board. This can make substantial savings on the cost to heat your pool. The price remains constant and dependent on the size and shape of the pool. The only deviation from this is when we encounter rock that must be blasted, or water problems.

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